I’m not an old lady!!!!!

I’m not a little old lady and I don’t collect Marie Osmand Cupie dolls, so I’m a bit embarrassed to confess my latest obsession – QVC. I have a hard time getting to sleep at night, so I usually channel surf until I find something acceptable to listen to while I curse the night and try to fall asleep.

For the past few years, every once in awhile when there’s nothing else on I would leave the TV on QVC – the ladies are really nice and sometimes the handbags were cute. But it never crossed my mind to buy anything, it was just a late night zone inducer. A couple of months ago I was again watching, and a tablet came on. My interest was piqued because I had wanted to buy a tablet for Jr for quite awhile and I wasn’t going to pay $499 for it (I refuse to join the red fruit generation!). So I watched, saw that it was an Andriod tablet that was loaded with the Google app center, had a lot of bells & whistles yadda yadda yadda, and then I saw the price – it was $99 bucks. Then they said something about the 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. I got out of bed, went online, and bought the tablet. I had just pulled the trigger, I had purchased something from QVC.

My shame started to fade a week later when the tabled arrived – it is da bomb. It has everything I wanted it to have. It rocks, and Jr is happy. Over the summer I found myself surfing toward there a little more frequently, even in the middle of the day. They had Philosophy – you know, the “hope in a jar” high end skincare company. I’m a label whore and a bargain queen, and those two traits don’t usually interact well. Except when one is watching QVC, because their stuff is 20% – 30% off retail. I’m in heaven and my shame is gone. I’m now watching a couple times a week. Over the weekend I just bought a kick-butt sterling silver bracelet.

I still get a little weirded out when I watch but I will NEVER start a doll collection. I promise. And I loathe Diamonique. But the ladies are still super nice. Confession over.

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